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10 places you never remember to clean!

Some corners of your home just passing by unnoticed at the time of cleaning. This post will help your memory to remember to take a look at the next cleaning.

It is very important for the care of his family, keep the house clean 100%. 😉

Front Door.

The entrance door of your house needs to be clean for you to receive your visits, do not forget it! 🙂

Spend a Expert Multipurpose on the outside and inside, as well as in the upper edge, where it accumulates enough Dust.

If it is wood, there are special products that help in moisturizing and her conservation. If aluminum or iron, you can use a solution of water with detergent.


The door handles must be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Always put your hands there, then the probability contaminate and be contaminated by germs, it is quite large.


Try spending a sponge not Risca with detergent and then the Furatto moistened with alcohol.

A cool tip is to spread alcohol gel jars around the house, educating the regulars often use.

Hygiene in 1st place! 😉

lamps and luminaires.

At least once a month, remove the bulbs and spend Furatto dampened with water in them. Turn off the main switch of your home, to clean the lights, with the Tango .

The lamps are easier, simply remove the wires from electrical outlets, remove the domes and cleaning.


This extends the life of them and leaves your home away from dust accumulation.

Ceiling fan.

The fan blades accumulate a lot of dust. It is very important to keep them always clean because when you turn on the fan with them dirty, you spread the dust around the room.

The Tango moistened with a mixture of detergent and water, can be used for cleaning the blades. Using a ladder, pass across the surface of the blades, above and below.


The refrigerator needs to be cleaned internally and externally.
To make internal cleaning, defrost and clean the interior with Furatto dampened with detergent and water.


& nbsp;

Try putting a Prevents Mold with Activated Carbon in refrigerator background. It will prevent the emergence of bad odors and mold.

On the outside cleaning wipe Expert Multipurpose with detergent and water to remove all the fat that accumulates in the sides and roof of the refrigerator.


Remove the mains, remove the inner plate and spend Sponge Cloth moistened with alcohol to kill germs that proliferate in food scraps.

On the outside, you can use the Tango with detergent and water.

Remote Control.

Controls are other points with a high germ content.

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Worth spending once a week Furatto moistened with alcohol, but eliminate bacteria and leave limpinhos buttons.

Returnable bags.

If you use reusable bags when it comes to shopping, always remember to wash them after returning from the market. They can build up small debris that saw a nest of germs and bacteria.

Some can be washed in the machine.

wall corners.

You know that corner between two walls and the ceiling? It is difficult to achieve, right?
But we need to clean those corners.

Try using a ladder and with the help of Suipy MOP Microfiber , arrive in ceilings and in corners of walls from your home.

It has a long handle and a head rotates 360 °, making it easy to cleaning.

Its foam is super convenient drain and reaches the most difficult places in your home.



Plugs are another point of great accumulation of bacteria in your home.
Weekly pass Tango moistened with alcohol buttons and around the outlet on the wall.

Thus, it avoids the proliferation of germs and the emergence of those patches of dirty hands on the wall.

We hope the tips will help you!

= D


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