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5 cleaning tips for those who have dogs and cats!

Everybody enjoys the company of a four-legged pal at home! But they give a lot of work at the time of cleaning: P Here are some tips: – Corner Pee The strong smell coming from the feces and urine of pets is one of the major annoyances that conviviality.  Piraque_Mar-Sem05-_0002_Layer-3 To solve this problem, we have a simple, functional recipe: Remove excess urine with a cloth, may be the Wiper of Limppano. After drying completely, splash a little white vinegar, sprinkling then a handful of corn starch. Allow the mixture to dry for four hours, and remove what’s left with the aid of a cloth or vacuum cleaner. The Inspires Air perfumes and refresh , can also stay in the same environment where the dog is the needs, reducing the strong smell. There are “diapers” that positioned in the corner where the animal is accustomed to urinate, absorb all the pee, and facilitate at the time of cleaning. – Ending the hair Suitable for allergy sufferers on duty, the hairs are a great nuisance. The best way to remove the hair from the floor, without spread them through the air, is using the Suipy MOP Ultra Sec of Limppano as it works with its high absorption wet sponge, keeping the inside of your grooves. Then simply drain into a bucket. To keep away from the sofas, we recommend using a thick cloth covering the same. Weekly, gently pull this cloth, and beat to remove hair. Piraque_Mar-Sem05-_0003_Layer-2 Avoid leaving animals in carpets and contact the curtains because they are more laborious to clean. Monthly, wash them in a machine to remove the smell and by. – the Food Corner  Piraque_Mar-Sem05-_0001_Layer-4 The food animals can attract rats, cockroaches and other insects. Always keep them out of reach of animals and tightly closed. A great tip is to put a Avoid Mold the side of the bag of feed, decreasing the humidity, to prevent food mofe. But the pot of food can be well left the view, so that the animal has access to water and feed at any time. The ideal is to put the bottles on cold floors for easy cleaning, animal case turn the pots. – Toys Choose toys that do not unraveling easily. Very fragile toys will be destroyed and its pieces scattered around the house. Time to clean up the mess that his fellow wide the house, leave it in another room at the time. They love a broom, you better store them in a closet, where he has no access. = D  Piraque_Mar-Sem05-_0000_Layer-5 & Nbsp; – Corner Sleep The animal’s bed can be washed by 2 by 2 months. It is important to keep it with the smell of the owner, for the animal to feel safe when you’re alone.  Piraque_Mar-Sem05-_0004_Layer-1 & Nbsp; Always try to make cloth underneath the pad, or, if a closed house, inside. It is easier to change the cloth, in time for cleaning, than have to wash the house, or the cushion. We hope these tips help you and your pets

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to live together better !! Kisses, Limppano. = D

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