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5 tips to keep your office clean and airy!

In everyday life we take care of our well-being, keeping the house clean and tidy. But often we do not remember to take care of our work environment, where we spent much of the time. We will help you keep your place clean and organized labor, simple and practical methods! Drawers I guarantee that the drawers are full of pens, diaries and papers unused occupying an undue space and gathering dust. Take the opportunity to do that cleaning and discarding or donating these materials without use. To maintain without that musty smell, you can use a Avoid Mold draws 100 g which is the perfect time to fit in all the drawers. This will make a huge difference. Desk  Limpp_BLOG_1 The table where we work says a lot about our personalities, know that? Does your organization have a strong relationship with your professional reputation. At your desk, keep clean your phone, calendar and computer. The phone, for example, is a large accumulator fat and bacteria. Furatto moistened with alcohol, clean and solves the problem of germs in one fell swoop! A good tip is to always keep close by a
roll of Furatto Roll that is less and you can discard without so sorry … 🙂 Room /  Limpp_BLOG_3 Try using the Inspires Air Diffuser Perfume to leave the pleasant atmosphere and a mild fragrance and lasting. It’s worth leaving the fragrance whenever possible, a new scent invigorates the environment, motivates and gives more energy to work. Windows The window of his office is
a great getaway for that pause and take a moment relaxed at work. To keep it always clean, use the Vidratto with a little alcohol and dry with Expert Multipurpose, it will leave your
window cleaner and germ from the street, adding considerably to your well-being! PC  Limpp_BLOG_2 Computers are part of everyday life and keep it clean and in good condition, leaves her much more profitable day. The super cloth Expert Electronics remove all dirt, grease and finger mark a single pass and without the need of using chemicals. It is important to keep the habit of doing that also cleaning on emails already read, files that no longer uses and images. This “junk” virtual is also damaging the productivity of their tasks. We hope these tips can help make your best work environment! Limppano

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