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5 Tips to warm winter in your home!

Winter starts this weekend. We separated some tips for you to leave your cozy home and in the coldest time of year. 1 – Carpets Carpets are a big move to make you feel warm home in the winter. PostBlog_07_Layer_0003_tapete-to-room-32 If your home has tile floors, avoid direct step on them, always walk a half or slipper, or scatter rugs for the environment, to prevent that heat shock feet. Slippers are a great choice this time. 😉 2 – Lighting Scented candles leave more cozy and romantic setting, as well as assist in lighting and heating the house during the night.
Try of Inspira Air Perfume Diffuser with them, your house is left mega smelling! 🙂 In winter, the electric bill usually give a slight climb, then candles are very economical time to brighten up the environment. 🙂  PostBlog_07_Layer_0004_Layer 1 Abajours with yellowish lamps help to leave the warm, well-lit environment in partnership with the candles. 3 – Heating Some air conditioners have the aquecimeno option in its reverse. They help a lot in time to keep the internal temperature of the house, heated. Portable heaters in the bathroom save his life at the time of bathing. An emergency method to heat your bathroom is a pan with a little alcohol and breadcrumbs. Just come on and wait a while, depending on the room size, it heats up quickly!  PostBlog_07_Layer_0000_Layer 4 Today there are many portable fireplaces on the market, leave your common home mountain style and fulfill their function of heating the environment. 4 – cozier environment. Abuse of woolen blankets and pillows in the house. They are great items of decoration and are useful in time to cover and accommodate when the cold arrives. To keep the blankets and pillows smelling, test observe all along with Perfumed Sachets , the Limppano.  PostBlog_07_Layer_0002_Layer 2 We are also heat sources! In this chill, enjoy to mark that meeting with friends. Good menu options: foundue Festival, cheese and wine, hot chocolate and soups. 5 – At the time of cleaning. Wash the dishes in the cold is complicated, we know! If you can heat the water that reaches the sink tap, it will be great. If you can not, try using thicker gloves, such as Multipurpose Glove , to prevent contact of your hand direct with water  PostBlog_07_Layer_0001_Layer-3 Whenever you feel its too cold hand, hold a wet cloth with warm water for a few minutes, this will help keep your hand warm. The Tango or Furatto can be this washcloth warm! 😉 See you! Limppano Source: Internet / Google

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