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5 Tips to warm winter in your home!

Winter starts this weekend. We separated some tips for you to leave your cozy home and in the coldest time of year. 1 – Carpets Carpets are a big move to make you feel warm home in the winter. If your home has tile floors, avoid direct step on them, always walk a half or […]

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5 cleaning tips for those who have dogs and cats!

Everybody enjoys the company of a four-legged pal at home! But they give a lot of work at the time of cleaning: P Here are some tips: – Corner Pee The strong smell coming from the feces and urine of pets is one of the major annoyances that conviviality. To solve this problem, we have […]

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Learn how to keep your kitchen sparkling!

The kitchen is the most annoying to clean environment. Grease and objects hinder the cleaning process. We separated some tips for you to keep your kitchen cleaner longer! 😉 APPLIANCES To end unpleasant odors in your microwave , prepare a mixture with the juice of a lemon and two cups of tea water, and place […]

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5 Important Tips for cleaning time

1 – Use different cloths for each environment . The problem of making house cleaning using the same cloth is the distribution of the bacteria through the house. Places with a lot of fat, such as the kitchen, have dangerous microorganisms that should not be around the rest of the house. Keep a separate cloth […]

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