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10 places you never remember to clean!

Some corners of your home just passing by unnoticed at the time of cleaning. This post will help your memory to remember to take a look at the next cleaning. It is very important for the care of his family, keep the house clean 100%. 😉 Front Door. The entrance door of your house needs […]

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5 tips to keep your office clean and airy!

In everyday life we take care of our well-being, keeping the house clean and tidy. But often we do not remember to take care of our work environment, where we spent much of the time. We will help you keep your place clean and organized labor, simple and practical methods! Drawers I guarantee that the […]

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Get tips on how to organize your pantry!

The utility room of your home must always be organized by avoiding purchases of products that you already have, have not expired products and to facilitate you time to prepare your food. We decided to separate some tips to help you organize your pantry, we reading? = D Local Pantry To set up your pantry, […]

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5 cleaning tips for kids rooms!

In time to pack the children’s room, you need a lot of attention. We separated some basic tips that can help you in this mission. 😉 Objects. Avoid accumulation of things that are not frequently used in the room, they saw dust deposits, which can trigger allergic reactions in children. Keep your airy room by […]

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Check out great tips for cleaning your bathroom!

Pretty clean bathroom is all good! Thinking about it, we separate some tips to show how our products can help you at the hour of bathroom cleaning. Material. For cleaning, you will need the following materials: bucket, gloves Tarefas Heavy , Suipy MOP Ultrasec , Sponge not Risca , Tango , Vidratto , Inspires Power […]

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