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Check out great tips for cleaning your bathroom!

Pretty clean bathroom is all good! Thinking about it, we separate some tips to show how our products can help you at the hour of bathroom cleaning. Material. For cleaning, you will need the following materials: bucket, gloves Tarefas Heavy , Suipy MOP Ultrasec , Sponge not Risca , Tango , Vidratto , Inspires Power Gel Double , Diffuser Air Inspires Perfume, inspires Prevents Mold , bleach and mild soap. Assemble everything in a basket, to facilitate the time to look things while cleaning. Before you start cleaning, remove the toilet all carpets, shampoos and conditioners glasses, and objects you may have in your sink. Box/Bath. To keep the windows of your box without water spots, use the Vidratto in partnership with a product of your own, specific window-cleaning. It’s super easy to find in the markets.  Limp-Jul-Sem03 BLOG Vidratto To clean the floor of the box, we recommend a bit of bleach mixed with water. Let the mixture for a while on the floor, and then rinse, drain leaving the

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drain. The taps can be cleaned with a sponge not Risca, along with a mild soap and water solution. If you have a bath, you can use this same mixture of mild soap with water and a sponge not Risca, to clean the inside and your taps. Vase Health. With the aid of a pot brush, clean the edges and the inner walls and rubbing until no stains. It is important to separate a Tango for cleaning the outside of the vessel being used for just that. This cloth is contaminated with germs, we can not clean other parts of the bathroom with him.  Limp-Jul-Sem03 BLOG GelInspira After cleaning, wait vessel walls to dry completely and then apply Inspira Gel Double Power, to leave his vessel away from the bacteria, germs and with a great smell every discharge. 😉 The toilet lid can be cleaned with Tango you separated Pro vessel using the soap solution with water. Sink/mirror. Use the sponge not Risca to clean the surface of your sink, with the soap mixture. You can use it also taps to bring the shine and remove water spots. After washing the sink, you can use Tango to wipe its surface, it is super absorbent.  Limp-Jul-Sem03 BLOG SEMPRODUTO To let your mirror pretty clean, use the same combination of glasses box, the Vidratto along with the specific product for cleaning glasses. Rub well until they leave all fingerprints and fat that have accumulated. floor / walls. To remove the fat of the bathroom walls, use the Tango, along with the famous mixture of soap with water. Rub and between the tiles to remove the mold that accumulates between them. Alternatively, you can sprinkle specific products for cleaning this slime that builds up. The floor can be washed with soap and water, dripping water down the drain. Time to dry, pass the Suipy MOP Ultrasec with their already damp sponge to remove the remaining water and capture the smaller sujerias in their slots. Final Touch. Nothing like leaving a nice smell after cleaning agree? That’s when between the diffuser Perfume and prevents mold. You can choose from the following fragrances: • Rosemary Flower • Vitoria Regia • Surroundings • Lavender Essential  Limp-Jul-Sem03 BLOG DifusorPerfume The diffuser you can leave on the sink, it’s a decorative piece, you will like it! The Prevents Mold can be placed inside of your closet if your sink has to avoid the appearance

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of mold in their towels. We hope that these tips can help you! Limppano

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