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Get tips on how to organize your pantry!

The utility room of your home must always be organized by avoiding purchases of products that you already have, have not expired products and to facilitate you time to prepare your food. We decided to separate some tips to help you organize your pantry, we reading? = D Local Pantry  Limp-Sep-Sem02 blog1 To set up your pantry, you’ll need a place with good air circulation and little direct light, so that foods maintain quality without spoiling. If your home does not have the necessary space, reserve a corner in your kitchen or next to it. Wicker baskets are a good alternative for organizing your foods and optimize spaces, you can find them easily on the internet. See HERE few. space Use the highest shelves for products you will not use often and lower with products you use in your everyday life. Organize the space with transparent pots that make it easy to view or use labels to identify the most used supplies such as coffee, sugar, rice, beans, pasta and flour. For products not used in their day to day, you can store it on

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your own packaging, taking care to close it very carefully so as not to spoil the food. You can use a catch of common packaging, failing them clothes pins or a good tip is to make yourself your catch using PET bottle (Veja how to make the link ). Cleaning Materials  Limp-Sep-Sem02 blog4 Never place food near the cleaners, it is difficult to avoid contamination. The suggestion is to book an area only for them, can be a shelf or a small closet. Products for daily cleaning: Multipurpose, alcohol, degreaser and detergent should stand in front and at hand. Products for weekly cleaning: disinfectant, glass cleaner, wax, floor, furniture polish, removers, etc., should be at the back. You can use two baskets or plastic boxes with the types of cleaning separated by environment makes it easy when you have to do this task. For cleaning the kitchen: Put in a box 1 Sako Fort , 1 , 1 cleaning sponge, 1 Inox , 1 Furatto , 1 Expert Multipurpose , 1 multipurpose glove 1 and degreaser. For cleaning the bathroom: 1 product of inspires Line Bathroom of your choice, 1 Inspira Air of your choice, 1 sponge Risca not , 1 Expert Multipurpose , 1 Sako Fort , 1 Glove Heavy Tasks , one starch and one wiper. Basic Tips! It is important to keep the product always well away from children and pets. Keep the space near its always clean and fumigated pantry, avoiding the proliferation of cockroaches, ants and rats, I love food! To avoid any kind of surprise, it’s nice to leave the heavy foods at the bottom of your pantry! Have you ever imagined you balancing watermelon to get that up there? It will not work, right? = P Fruits can be stored in wicker baskets, but if you think of consuming them during the week, you can transfer to the refrigerator to get geladinho and best preserved. So, he organized everything in your pantry? Now let’s enjoy the free time! \O/ Limppano

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