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The household cleaning market increasingly high

According to Abipla (Brazilian Association of Industries of Cleaning and related products) Brazil is the fourth largest market of cleaning products, experienced frame 2 years ago, primarily due to the purchasing power of the population and demand for more products added value.

On the front lines of this important market is LIMPPANO, 100% Brazilian company with a solid track record, which for more than 50 years of success is the excellence and innovation its main competitive advantage.

Combining big brands to a path of strength, built up over the years, Limppano search every day diversification of its product mix. In order to get better results from the innovation of its product line, thus conquering new markets. Without sacrificing high quality and affordable products.

Above all the Limppano is a company committed to people with ethics and the quality of products, who tirelessly search the efficiency of its business within the principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

A little more about the Limppano

  • Our difference
    Leader in innovation, high quality, credibility, modernity and efficiency. Our principles are: technology, agility, flexibility in negotiations, appropriate mix of products, competitive prices and efficient logistics.
  • Where are we
    The Limppano operates throughout Brazil and more in two production unit.

    With over 20,000 m2 of built and 500 staff area, LIMPPANO operates in 10 business units with LIMPPANO brand, as well as private labels for various clients. With a track record of constant evolution, LIMPPANO has established itself as one of the most important companies in Latin America. In search of the growth of their business, turned his investment strategy for market segments that have synergy with its business activities, expanding its presence in the segments of synthetic sponges, toilet deodorizers and multipurpose cloths, besides the growth of its operations in Brazil.

    The product portfolio reaches 150 items. The monthly production is over 20 million products that make up the mix sponges, steel wool, gloves, floor sweepers, among others.

  • Quality of our products
    Operates within strict quality standards, has a traceability program that monitors all stages of production, transport and distribution.

    Investing in the development of new products, LIMPPANO has a laboratory with the latest equipment and a team of renowned professionals responsible for keeping the company at the forefront of international trends cleaning. The commitment to the quality control of the products received certification from prominent companies like SGS and Bureau Veritas.

  • Investment in innovation
    The company is always investing in the expansion of its manufacturing area and improving the automation of its processes, strengthening its position as one of the greatest Brazilian players in the cleaning industry.
    The last release was the inspired line of products for perfumery and cleaning bathrooms and interiors. The line aims to bring the comfort of a sophisticated perfumery into the house.
  • Commercial structure
    The large commercial structure has 10 sales managers, 120 vendors / representares and 400 sales promoters.
  • Our achievements
    With a modern management model focused on results, the Limppano has registered a growth of 25% in annual sales and 20% in production volume.
    Following with determination and competence its strategic planning your management system divides the company into business units, each relying on an efficient structure that allows greater flexibility in seeking improvements, opportunities and expands the focus of any company in the development of their operations. The company’s presence in the market was strengthened with the constant innovation of its product mix and the expansion of its industrial operations. Acts in an innovative way with a leader in innovation and present throughout the national territory, leading to the consumer a full line of household cleaning.

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