Learn how to keep your kitchen sparkling! | Limppano

Learn how to keep your kitchen sparkling!

The kitchen is the most annoying to clean environment. Grease and objects hinder the cleaning process. We separated some tips for you to keep your kitchen cleaner longer! 😉 APPLIANCES To end unpleasant odors in your microwave , prepare a mixture with the juice of a lemon and two cups of tea water, and place by 2:30 at full power. For internal cleaning, use the Furatto soaked in water and mild soap. Then remove the excess with a dry Furatto until all the water with short soap. The panel and the outdoor area can be cleaned with FELICITY MOP , with a little alcohol.  PostBlog_07_Layer_0003_Layer 1   To leave your stove as new, use the ZAPT SPONGE or NO SCRATCH SPONGE , along with water and mild soap. Beware removers, acids, or any product that could corrode your stove. Time to clean the hood, remove the filter, pass a cloth with mild soap and water, and replace a new filter. Try COOKER HOOD FILTER.  PostBlog_07_Layer_0002_Layer 2 To clean the refrigerator, wet Furatto in a solution of water with sodium bicarbonate (1 tablespoon for each 2 liters of water). Pass it both on the walls, as in the trays and shelves. On the outside, use the FELICITY MOP with the mixture of water and mild soap. FLOORS AND WALLS The first step is to prepare a mixture of about 10 drops of detergent per liter of water. This solution will help dissolve the fat that accumulates on the walls and floor. To the wall, apply the mixture to the Sponge Cloth , the Limppano. He is a great absorbent, leave the wall without scoring drained.  PostBlog_07_Layer_0001_Layer 3 That old recipe 2 tablespoons of bleach soup for each liter of water, is paying to finish off the process, removing the stains from your wall. You’re killing germs and bacteria, keeping your kitchen free of disease. = D KITCHEN SINK Regardless of your sink material, water and neutral soap are the perfect combination to leave a clean sink.  PostBlog_07_Layer_0000_Layer 4 Use the same mixture of bleach to destroy germs and bacteria. Let the mixture for a while, until it dries completely. The Sponge Cloth will be your partner in this process as well. 😉 CABINETS To clean the cabinets and

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counters, use the same mixture of mild soap, followed by a dry cloth to remove stains. Rub well to remove any remaining fat. We hope that these tips can help you! Until next time! = D Limppano. Assine nossa Newsletter

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