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Taking advantage of the new law that fines on persons who do not give the right destination to waste, Rio I Love I Am I and the Limppano made the campaign “Trash on the beach sucks” to raise awareness about the importance of keeping the city clean.

The action was to spread displays containing coils with biodegradable plastic bags in the main beaches of Rio, in addition to Palm Piscinão, next to the service stalls to encourage the locals to collect your trash and dispose of it in the right place.


The Limppano has been operating for over 50 years in the cleaning segment and invested around R$ 350,000 in the manufacture of sustainable products in the last 12 months, the equivalent of 90,000 kg produced. Every line Brooms Limppano is manufactured by recycling PET bottles.

In addition to the sustainable brooms, mops cloths line created for heavy household cleaning is produced by raw materials from sustainable forestry. And the Expert Line wipes, that with the technology of millions of microfiber removes more dirt without the use of chemicals and even water.

Learning Space

The company also invests in different actions not only to ensure the continuity and success of their business, but also contributing to building a more just society and improving people’s quality of life.

The creation of the Knowledge Space, where all employees have access to a collection of more than 500 books, DVDs, computers, weekly magazines and daily newspapers is proof of this. Their commitment is to always grow with the best management practices in social, environmental and human relations.

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